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One Pot Mac and Cheese Recipe

Super simple one pot mac and cheese that only has five ingredients! After months of being home, our fridges and pantries are looking a little bare and if you're like me, tired of washing dishes. That's why this macaroni and cheese is the perfect quarantine and stay home recipe! All you need is water, almond milk (or your preferred milk), elbow noodles, butter and American cheese. You can definitely dress it up with other ingredients but it is creamy and delicious on its own. Make it for the kids, or yourself, and save on time, ingredients and clean up. This recipe also works great if you are making mac and cheese as a side dish for a bbq dinner. All around, a cheesy win!


3 tbsp. butter

1 cup water

1 package of elbow noodles

2/3 cup of milk (almond or regular)

10 slices American cheese


  1. Begin melting butter in large pan
  2. Add water
  3. Add noodles to pan then stir and cover
  4. Cook for approximately 5 minutes
  5. Add milk and stir
  6. Cover but continue to stir occasionally so the noodles do not stick
  7. Cook approximately 10 minutes until noodles are softened
  8. Add sliced cheese
  9. Fold in until cheese melts and becomes evenly distributed throughout noodles

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