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The Best BLT with Pesto Sauce


I like to call this, the ultimate BLT. Because it is the best of everything! It has delicious thick-cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, a tasty pesto sauce and two thick slices of grilled bread. I love a BLT – it is my go-to sandwich for many occasions, but they are not all in the same. There are average bacon sandwiches and then seriously, mouth-watering and delicious BLT’s that deserve a serious nod for their explosion of flavor they deliver. This one is epic.

3/4 of a cup of a Mayo
1 tbsp of basil paste or pesto
Sourdough bread cut thick
1. Make basil mayo by mixing mayo and basil paste or pesto
2. Grill sourdough bread, buttered on each side
3. Spread basil mayo on the inside of bread slices
4. Cook bacon in the stove at 400 degrees, make crispy
5. Lay bacon onto sourdough bread
6. Add lettuce
7. Add thin slices of tomato
8. Combine together into a sandwich

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