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Prosciutto Galette Recipe

Prosciutto, mascarpone, and peach galette that feels fancy, but is easier than pie (haha!) to make. The flavors from the salty prosciutto, sweet peach, and creamy mascarpone complement one another to create an irresistible bite-size dish. Impress guests, the recipe has a rich feel to it, without the work and time. This prosciutto galette uses a store-bought pie crust to make the recipe even easier and save time.

1 Store-bought pie crust
1 container of mascarpone cheese
Thinly sliced peaches
1. Spread mascarpone cheese in the middle of spread out pie crust, leave room on ends
2. Spread peaches in center
3. Add prosciutto to center also
4. Fold in outsides of pie crust, leaving the center open
5. Brush folded outside with melted butter
6. Cook in oven 35 – 40 minutes at 400 degrees
7. Let cool for about 10 – 15 minutes before serving

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