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Asparagus Wrapped In Prosciutto & Puff Pastry

Light & delicious! Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and puff pastry! This appetizer or snack is a perfect “dipper” for any party! The honey, soy ginger sauce is excellent for just that! A simple and easy recipe to make, this Asparagus is like none you have tried before! Whip up this recipe for Game Day or as a holiday appetizer and your guests will thank you!

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Sliced Prosciutto
1 Package Puff Pastry
Bundle of Asparagus

1/2 Cup Soy
1/3 Cup Honey
Granulated Ginger
Drop of Sesame Oil
Red Pepper Flakes

  1. Wash and dry Asparagus
  2. Slice thin strips of prosciutto and puff pastry
  3. Wrap around the Asparagus and cook in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 until puff pastry is golden
  4. Mix all ingredients together for dipping sauce and whisk until blended
  5. Enjoy!

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