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Cucumber Martini: With Fresh Cucumber and Titos Vodka

This Cucumber Martini is so refreshing and tasty it could easily become your “go to” drink! Made with fresh cucumber and Titos Vodka it is an easy sipper perfect for many occasions. You don’t have to be a star bartender to make this drink! Simply chop up a cucumber and go from there!

Cucumber (pureed)
Tito’s Vodka
Simple Syrup
Lime Juice

  1. Puree ½ of a Peeled Cucumber, Strain Juice Into Mixer
  2. 2 Ounces of Vodka
  3. 1 Ounce of Simple Syrup
  4. 2-4 Squirts of Lime Juice
  5. Add All Ingredients into Mixer with Ice and Enjoy!

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